Installing SolidNetWork License Clients

When you install the SOLIDWORKS CAD software on a computer, you specify a SolidNetWork License serial number. SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager identifies that computer as a SolidNetWork License Client and prompts you for the SolidNetWork License Manager computer name and number. It displays an error if the SolidNetWork License Manager Server is not installed, or if the name or port number is incorrect.

To install SOLIDWORKS with a SolidNetWork license:

  1. Start SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager as described in Download Installation Media.
  2. On the Welcome page, click Install on this computer if this is the first SOLIDWORKS installation on this computer for this major release.
    If you are upgrading from an existing release, and are changing from individual licensing to SolidNetWork licensing, click Modify the individual installation (on this computer). For details, see Upgrading from Individual Licensing to SolidNetWork Licensing .
  3. In the Add Server dialog box, enter the SolidNetWork License Manager's address in the form:


    The port number must be the same one used for the license manager computer. The default is 25734.

    SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager attempts to validate that this SolidNetWork License Manager is accessible. If you have not yet installed a license manager, this validation will fail; however, you still can proceed with the license client installation.
  4. Complete the SOLIDWORKS installation by following the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager instructions.