Bill of Materials - Contents

The Contents tab in the Bill of Materials Properties dialog box specifies which items appear in the bill of materials, and allows you to reverse the order of the list. The other tabs available in the dialog box are Configuration and Control.

Applies to Excel-based Bills of Materials.

The Contents tab controls the following properties:

  • Select which items to include in the table. A green check mark in the ITEM NO. column means that the item is displayed in the table. Clear the check mark to hide the item. This has the same effect as hiding the row in the Excel worksheet.
  • To move the header row to the bottom of the table, and to list the items in order from bottom to top, clear the Display labels at top check box.
  • To sort the items alphanumerically by a column (for example, to sort by part number), hold down the Ctrl key, and click the box at the top of the column. The item numbers are re-assigned so that the first line is still Item 1, and the remaining item numbers are in order.
    If you do not hold down the Ctrl key, the item number for each line stays with the original item, resulting in a list with item numbers out of order.