Cosmetic Pattern PropertyManager

To open the Cosmetic Pattern PropertyManager:

From the Task Pane, select the Appearances, Scenes, and Decals tab. Under Appearances, click Miscellaneous > RealView Only Appearances, then double-click cosmetic hole pattern or drag it into the graphics area.

Fill Boundary

Fill Boundary Defines the area to fill with the pattern. Select sketches, planar curves on faces, a face, or co-planar faces. If you use a sketch for the boundary, you may need to select the pattern direction.

Pattern Layout

Determines the layout pattern of the instances within the fill boundary. Select a customizable shape to pattern. Pattern instances are laid out concentrically from the seed feature.

Perforation Creates a grid for a sheet metal perforation-style pattern.
Square Creates a square-shaped pattern.
or Instance Spacing Sets the distance between the centers of instances.
Stagger Angle Sets the stagger angle between rows of instances, starting at the vector used for pattern direction.
Loop Spacing Sets the distance between loops of instances (using centers).
or Pattern Direction Sets the direction reference. If you do not specify a reference, the system uses the most appropriate reference (for example, the longest linear edge of the selected region).

Seed Types

Select a seed type to create a cut shape. Set size and placement options.