Belt/Chain PropertyManager (Sketch Blocks)

Use the Belt/Chain Tool_BeltChain_Assembly.gif tool (Blocks toolbar) to create layout sketches for pulleys or sprocket mechanisms.

Sketches must be blocks.

To open this PropertyManager:

In a sketch with multiple circles as sketch blocks, click Belt/Chain Tool_BeltChain_Assembly.gif (Blocks toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Entities > Belt/Chain.

Belt Members

bounding_ents.png Pulley components Add arcs or circles.
PM_move_up.gif Move Up Move selected Pulley components up in the order.
PM_move_down.gif Move Down Move Pulley components down in the order.

Video: Moving Pulley Components

PM_flip_radiate_direction.gif Flip belt side Changes the side on which the belt is located for all components.

In the graphics area, click the handle for each arc to change the side on which the belt is located for the selected component.



Driving Defines the belt length. When cleared, the system calculates the belt length.

Set a value that is applied after you close the Belt/Chain PropertyManager. Based on existing constraints, one or more of the pulley components moves to adjust for the belt length you set.

The belt length is displayed in the FeatureManager design tree Belt . In Edit Sketch mode, right-click Belt in the FeatureManager design tree and select Edit Belt to change values.
Use belt thickness Specifies the value of the belt thickness.

No belt thickness


Belt thickness applied

Engage belt Clear to disengage the belt mechanism.