Plane Properties PropertyManager

After you add a plane in a 3D sketch you can add or modify information about the plane.

Existing Relations

Lists relations for the plane.

To view relations:

  • Select the entries under Existing Relations PM_relations_existing.gif to highlight them in the graphics area.

Add Relations

Lists relations you can add.


Locates the plane in 3D space based on angles and coordinates.

Distance Displays the distance of the plane from the sketch origin along the X, Y, or Z direction.
PM_Tangent_Radial_Direction.gif Tangent Radial Direction Controls the angle between the projection of the normal on the x-y plane and the X direction.
PM_Tangent_Polar_Direction.gif Tangent Polar Direction Controls the angle between the normal and it's projection on the x-y plane.

Displaying Plane Properties

To display Plane Properties:

Select the 3D plane to display the Plane Properties PropertyManager.
3D_sketch_plane_added.gif 3D_sketch_plane_selected.gif
Plane1 is added to 3D sketch. Plane1 is activated.