Sketch/Curve Color PropertyManager

Use the Sketch/Curve Color PropertyManager to apply color changes to sketches or curves in a model.

To open this PropertyManager:

  • Click Edit Sketch or Curve Color .
  • Click Edit > Appearance > Sketch/Curve Color.
Use the Appearances PropertyManager to apply appearances, including color, to parts or assembly components.


Selected Entities Select the sketch or curve to which to apply changes.
Remove Color Removes the color from the selected item.


eye_dropper.png Current Color Displays the currently selected color in the swatch.
  Select or Create a Swatch Displays pre-defined swatches included with the SOLIDWORKS software. Click Create New Swatch swatch_new.png Button to define a custom swatch.
pm_palette_standard.gif Select Existing Color or Add Color Displays the colors contained in the selected swatch.
swatch_add.png Button Add Current Color to Swatch Adds the selected color to a custom swatch.
PM_delete_swatch.gif Remove Selected Swatch Color Removes the selected color from a custom swatch.

Color Properties

  Current Color Displays the current color of the selected entity.
PM_color_palette.gif Pick a Color Displays all colors in the color palette.
  RGB Defines a color with red, green, and blue values. Use the sliders or type numeric values for:

PM_Red.gif Red Component of Color

PM_green.gif Green Component of Color

PM_blue.gif Blue Component of Color

  HSV Defines a color with hue, saturation, and value entries. Use the sliders or type numeric values for:

PM_Hue.gif Hue Component of Color

PM_saturation.gif Saturation Component of Color

PM_value.gif Value Component of Color

Configurations/Display States

Current Display State/This configuration The change you make is reflected in the current assembly display state or part configuration only.
All Display States/All Configurations The change you make is reflected in each assembly display state or each part configuration.
Specify Display States/Specify Configurations The change you make is reflected in the assembly display states or part configurations that you select below. Hold down Ctrl to select multiple display states and configurations.