Zebra Stripes PropertyManager

Controls the appearance of zebra stripes.

To open the Zebra Stripes PropertyManager:

Click Zebra Stripes Tool_Zebra_Stripes_View.gif (View toolbar) or View > Display > Zebra Stripes.


  Environment Select Zebra Stripes to use zebra stripes, or From file to browse for an alternative environment image.
PM_zebrastripes_numberofstripes.gif Number Of Stripes  
PM_zebrastripes_stripewidth.gif Width Of Stripes  
PM_tolerance_type_dim.gif Stripe Accuracy Move the slider from low accuracy (left) to high accuracy (right) to improve the quality of the display. Note that increasing the display accuracy also increases the display calculation time.
  Color of Stripes Click Edit Colors.
  Color of Background Click Edit Colors.
  Horizontal stripes Orients the zebra stripes horizontally.
  Vertical stripes Orients the zebra stripes vertically.