3D Sketching Capabilities

Constraints in 3D Sketching

When sketching in 3D, you can snap to the major directions, X, Y, or Z, and constraints are applied Along X, Along Y, and Along Z, respectively. These are constraints to the global coordinate system.

When sketching on a plane, you can snap to the horizontal or vertical directions in the plane, and constraints are applied to the Horizontal and the Vertical. These are constraints to a plane, planar face, etc.


You can add planes while in a 3D sketch. 3D plane attributes include:

  • Define. Planes can be fully defined, over defined and under defined.
  • Relations. You can:
    • Add or remove relations to planes.
    • Use relations to position other geometry or to position the plane.
  • Move. Move planes by dragging, resize planes by dragging the corner handles, and rotate planes using the center handles.
  • Activate. Double-click to activate a plane.

When you use Rapid Sketch with any open sketch tool, the software creates a plane on any planar face that you select.


In the Properties PropertyManager, you can hide dimensions, relations, or planes.

When sketching in the 2D mode on a 3D plane, entities that are not on the active sketch plane are muted.

Relations and dimensions that do not involve the plane or segment on it are hidden.

Sketcher Triad

Use the Sketcher Triad to limit the drag of entities.