3D Sketching Tools

Some of the tools you can use to create 3D sketches include:
  • All arc tools
  • All circle tools
  • All rectangle tools
  • Lines
  • Points
  • Splines
Spline on Surface is only available in 3D.
Additional tools include:
Centerline Tool_Centerline_Sketch.gif Creates construction geometry.
Convert Entities Tool_Convert_Entities_Sketch.gif Creates one or more entities in a 3D sketch by projecting an edge, loop, face, external curve, external sketch contour, set of edges, or set of external curves onto the sketch plane.
Face Curves Tool_Face_Curves_Sketch.gif Extracts 3D iso-parametric curves from faces or surfaces.
Sketch Fillet Tool_Sketch_Fillet_Sketch.gif Rounds the intersections of sketched lines.
Sketch Chamfer Tool_Sketch_Chamfer_Sketch.gif Bevels the intersections of sketched lines.
Intersection Curve Tool_Intersection_Curve_Sketch.gif Creates a sketched curve at intersections.
Trim Entities Tool_Trim_Entities_Sketch.gif Trims or extends a sketch entity in a 3D sketch.
Extend Entities Tool_Extend_Entities_Sketch.gif Extends a sketch entity in a 3D sketch.
Construction Geometry Tool_Construction_Geometry_Sketch.gif Converts sketched curves in a 3D sketch to construction geometry.
You cannot use:
  • Patterns
  • Offset