Getting Started with the 3DEXPERIENCE Apps

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers you a wide selection of apps, which you can access from the 3DDashboard and MySession.

The following table lists the most commonly used apps.

App Description

A portal to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and entry point for collecting project and task information into a view that you manage.

Lets you create collaborative spaces to store, share, and control access to data.

Connects you to communities where you can collaborate, ask and answer questions, and share information in blogs and wikis.


Lets you find all your content from 3DSwym, 3DSpace, and 3DDrive sources. You can use 6WTags to filter the results.

A viewer that lets you manipulate 3D models. You can also section through a design, measure between items in a design, and annotate a design.
Collaborative Lifecycle

Provides commands to manage the lifecycle of objects (from creation to deletion) and collaboration (manage concurrent access to objects).
Bookmark Editor

Lets you organize and manage your CAD and non-CAD content in bookmarks. You can use the Open Bookmark Editor tool to open the Editor, and the Add to Bookmark and Add to Recent Bookmark tools to add bookmarks.

Lets you share a file or a folder of files with people who do not have access to a collaborative space. Content in 3DDrive is not subject to lifecycle management.
3DEXPERIENCE Drive for Windows Desktop Client
Provides additional integrations and shortcuts between 3DDrive and SOLIDWORKS, such as:
  • Syncing your files from 3DDrive to a folder on your hard disk drive
  • Dragging files from 3DDrive to SOLIDWORKS
To install, open the 3DDrive app and click Install 3DEXPERIENCE Drive for Windows below the list of drives and folders.
Document Management

Helps manage non-CAD documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
Issue Management

Lets you create, track, prioritize, and assign issues to functionality or problems that need improvement.