Assigning Custom Properties

You can assign custom properties from three different sources:

Source Description
Profile sketch Assign to the profile sketch any commonly used properties that are unique to the profile, and that you want inherited by the cut list item corresponding to a structural member feature. Description is such an example.
Weldment feature Properties assigned to the weldment feature are propagated to all cut list items. This capability enables you to assign a property with a default value, which you can later edit for each cut list item. For example, you can add the property Cost with a value in the appropriate monetary denomination.
Cut-List-Items Cut list items inherit custom properties from the profile sketch and from the weldment feature. You can assign new properties or you can edit existing properties. For example, you can add the property Weight, and link that property to the model's mass properties. Creating the link between the two enables the SOLIDWORKS application to calculate the weight of the first solid body in the cut list item. The system also computes and adds the properties LENGTH, Angle1, Angle2, DESCRIPTION, MATERIAL, QUANTITY, and TOTAL LENGTH for bodies generated by structural member features. The LENGTH, Angle1, and Angle2 properties are not editable.
Since the weight of only the first item in a Cut-List-Item folder is calculated, each Cut-List-Item folder should only include identical items. If two bodies are geometrically identical but have different materials applied to them, they are placed in separate folders in the cut list.