Blocks in Parts and Assemblies

You create blocks from single or multiple sketch entities.

Blocks enable you to:
  • Create layout sketches using a minimum of dimensions and relations.
  • Freeze a subset of entities in a sketch to manipulate as a single entity.
  • Manage complex sketches.
  • Edit all instances of a block simultaneously.
You can also use blocks in drawings to save drawing items such as standard notes, label positions, etc.


  • Display and design mechanical devices

    Sketch layouts using relations between blocks to create motion with mechanical devices such as cranes.

    Video: Block Motion

    See Layout-based Assembly Design.
  • Outline system representations

    Arranging components using blocks as simplified representations of components.


Make Block Tool_Make_Block_Block.gif Convert sketch entities to blocks. A Block is identified by FM_block_sketch.gif under the relevant sketch in the FeatureManager design tree.
Edit Block Tool_Edit_Block_Block.gif
  • Add or remove sketch entities.
  • Change dimensions and relations.
    You can add relations between sketch entities within the same block, but not to external sketch entities.
Insert Block Tool_Insert_Block_Block.gif Create multiple instances of existing blocks or browse for blocks to retrieve blocks in parts, assemblies, or blocks.
Add/Remove Tool_Add_Remove_Block_Block.gif Adds or removes sketch entities from a block.
Rebuild Tool_Rebuild_Block.gif Rebuilds and updates parent sketches by the block.
Save Block Tool_Save_Block_Block.gif Saves and adds an .sldblk extension.
Explode Block Tool_Explode_Block_Block.gif Dissolves the block.
Exploding one instance of a block only affects that instance of the block.
Belt/Chain Tool_BeltChain_Assembly.gif Creates continuous tangent lines and arcs to represent the belt or chain path.


  • Create blocks using 2D sketches or 2D sketches on 3D sketch planes.
  • Combine imported 2D blocks with 2D sketches created on 3D sketch planes.
  • Import blocks saved in 2D into a 3D sketch.
  • Pre- or post-select entities to include in the block.
  • Select blocks to view existing relations, add new relations, etc.
  • Mirror, scale, or pattern blocks.
  • Add a Traction PM_Traction.gif relation to create relative rotation constraints between blocks.
  • Create nested blocks (blocks within blocks).
  • Convert or offset entities from within the same block.
  • Convert entities from another block.
    If you use another block with convert entities, the resulting geometry is not associative to the original geometry.
  • Sketch new entities while editing a block to create relations between the new sketch entities and the block you are editing.
  • Copy and paste between sketches and drawings.