Tasks Solutions
Verify the integrity of imported parts.
With imported or SOLIDWORKS parts, you can use the Scale Scale tool as a validity check.
Use Import Diagnostics Tool_Import_Diagnostics_Tools.gif (Tools toolbar) to diagnose and repair gaps and flawed faces on imported features.

Use Heal Edges Tool_Heal_Edges_Features.gif to repair short edges on imported features.

Use the Check Tool_Check_Tools.gif tool to examine the imported model.

For models with more severe imperfections, the SOLIDWORKS application includes other tools such as Filled Surface Tool_Filled_Surface_Surfaces.gif and Replace Face tool_Replace_Face_Surfaces.gif.

Ensure tangency between pairs of faces. Calculate the angle and measure the boundary between faces with the Deviation Analysis tool_Deviation_Analysis_Tools.gif tool. The analysis is based on the number of sample points that you select along the edges.
Find areas of model geometry that prevent ejection from the mold. Identify problem areas in the model geometry with the Undercut Analysis Tool_UndercutAnalysis_View.gif tool.
Determine why knit faces operation fails.
Some complex models may require you to use modeling techniques such as fill surface in conjunction with replace face to correct surface areas. When you knit these surfaces, they may fail because of gaps or interference between the surfaces.
Use the Check Tool_Check_Tools.gif tool to examine the model.
You can also use the Check tool with solids to examine imported data.