Dimensions in 3D Sketches


When working in a 3D sketch, you can sketch lines to the approximate length, and then dimension them.

You can add a length dimension by selecting two points, a line, or two parallel lines.

You can add an angular dimension by selecting either three points or two lines.

Video: 3D Dimensions


You can sketch, add relations, and dimension arcs in 3D space.

Dimensions can exist between different arcs such as a circle and a 3 point arc on the same or different 3D sketch planes.


You can add angular dimensions between 3D sketch planes.

Adding Angular Dimensions Between 3D Sketch Planes

To add angular dimensions between 3D sketch planes:

  1. Double-click one 3D sketch plane to make it active.
  2. Right-click on the edge of the 3D sketch plane to which you want to dimension, and select Smart Dimension.
  3. With the second plane selected, click inside the active plane to add the dimension.