Interference Detection

Interference Detection identifies interferences between components, and helps you to examine and evaluate those interferences. Interference Detection is useful in complex assemblies, where it can be difficult to visually determine whether components interfere with each other.

With Interference Detection, you can:

  • Determine the interference between components.
  • Display the true volume of interference as a shaded volume.
  • Change the display settings of the interfering and noninterfering components to see the interference better.
  • Select to ignore interferences that you want to exclude, such as press fits, interferences of threaded fasteners, and so on.
  • Isolate interferences for viewing in the graphics area.
  • Choose to include interferences between bodies within a multibody part.
  • Choose to treat a subassembly as a single component, so that interferences between the subassembly's components are not reported.
  • Distinguish between coincidence interferences and standard interferences.