You can use the Select tool to exit a command and return to select mode, which is useful when in sketches and with the viewing tools.

Select is the default mode when you are not in a command. In most cases, when you exit a command, control reverts automatically to select mode. When select mode is active, you can select entities in the graphics area or the FeatureManager design tree with the pointer.

Dynamic highlighting informs you which entity is ready to be selected as you move the pointer. You can set an option to turn dynamic highlighting on or off in Selection Options.

To activate the select mode, click Select (Standard toolbar). To access selection options, click the Select down arrow and choose an option on the Select flyout menu.

In parts and assemblies, you can open the selection context toolbar by right-clicking in empty space in the graphics area.

To select multiple items, hold down Ctrl while selecting.

To view all selection options, click Tools > Selection.

See the related topics for descriptions of selection methods.