Sketch Modes

There are two modes for sketching in 2D: click-drag or click-click.

SOLIDWORKS responds to your cues to determine the mode as follows:
  • If you click the first point and drag, you are in click-drag mode.
  • If you click the first point and release the pointer, you are in click-click mode.
When you sketch entities in click-click mode and end a line or arc on the endpoint of an existing sketch entity, the tool stays active but does not show a preview from the last location.
When the Line and Arc tools are in click-click mode, they create a chain of segments as you click. To terminate a sketch chain, do one of the following:
  • Double-click to terminate the chain of entities and leave the tool active.
  • Right-click and select End chain, which is the same as double-clicking.
  • Press Esc to terminate the chain and release the tool.
  • Move the pointer outside the view window to stop dragging. You can then choose another tool, which also terminates the chain.