Sketch Relations in 3D Sketches

Many relations available in 2D sketches are available in 3D sketches.

Additional sketch relations supported with 3D sketching include:
  • Perpendicular relations between a line through a point on a surface.
  • Relations between 3D sketch entities created on one sketch plane, and 3D entities created on other sketch planes.
  • Symmetric relations about a line between 3D sketches created on the same plane.
    symmetric-relation_2D_on_3D_plane01.gif symmetric-relation_2D_on_3D_plane02.gif
    No relations applied Symmetric relations applied
  • Relations with spline handles such as along an axis or between handles.
    Relation along X axis highlighted
  • Midpoint relations.
  • Equal relations.
  • Tangent or equal curvature relations between faces and splines.
  • Relations between arcs and other sketch entities.
  • Relations between arcs such as concentric, tangent, or equal.
  • Normal to applied between a line and a plane, or between two points and a plane.
    In a 3D sketch, you can sketch entities along global X, global Y, or global Z axis.
    relations_01.gif relations_02.gif relations_03.gif
    Arc with perpendicular line created on perpendicular planes Arc with tangent line and perpendicular line to the midpoint between entities Equal arcs created on perpendicular planes
  • Concentric and perpendicular relations between a cone and a 3D sketch line.
    constraints_3D_line_cone_01.gif constraints_3D_line_cone_02.gif constraints_3D_line_cone_03.gif
    Conical entity and 3D line sketch Concentric relation between entities Perpendicular relation between entities