Weldment Drawings

Drawings of weldments support:

  • Views of entire weldment parts
  • Views of single bodies of weldment parts (Relative Views)
  • Weldment cut lists
  • Balloons
  • AutoBalloons
  • Alternating crosshatch for section views

Example of weldment cut list:


Balloons in Weldment Drawings

All configurations reference the same cut list for creating balloons. Balloon numbers remain associative to the cut list, even if they are created in another view.

A balloon attached to a body in a drawing view of the entire weldment and a balloon attached to the same body in a drawing view showing only the body have the same item number.

If you insert AutoBalloons into a drawing view of a weldment and the drawing does not contain a cut list, you are prompted whether you want to create a cut list.

If you delete a cut list, all balloons related to the cut list change their Item Number to 1.