Fillet Weld Beads and the Fillet Bead PropertyManager

You can add full length, intermittent, or staggered fillet weld beads between any intersecting weldment entities such as structural members, plate weldments, or gussets.

For performance purposes and additional enhancements, it is recommended that you use the Weld Bead tool instead of Fillet Bead to insert weld beads.

Adding Fillet Weld Beads

To add fillet weld beads:

  1. Click Fillet Bead Tool_Fillet_Bead_Weldment.gif (Weldments toolbar) or Insert > Weldments > Fillet Bead.
  2. In the PropertyManager, set options then click PM_OK.gif.

Fillet Bead PropertyManager

To open the Fillet Bead PropertyManager:

Click Fillet Bead (Weldments toolbar) or Insert > Weldments > Fillet Bead.

Arrow Side

  Bead type
Full length Intermittent
Staggered - Arrow Side Staggered - Other Side
Fillet size Length of the leg of the fillet bead.

  Bead length (For Intermittent or Staggered). Length of each bead segment.

  Pitch (For Intermittent or Staggered). Distance between the start of each bead.

  When you insert a bead across a gap:
Full penetration. Applies the bead to the full depth. Partial penetration. Applies the bead to the depth you enter in Penetration .
  Tangent propagation
Selected Cleared
Face Set1 Select one or more planar faces.

Face Set2 Select one or more planar faces that intersect the first face set.

  Intersecting Edges Highlights edges where Face Set1 and Face Set2 intersect. You can right-click an edge and select Delete to remove it from the weld bead.

Other Side

Select Other Side to apply optional settings for Full Length and Intermittent types. If you selected Staggered as the Bead type, the Other Side is already displayed. Make selections as described for Arrow Side.