Weldments - Gussets

Gussets reinforce the area between two intersecting structural members with planar faces.

There are two types of gussets:
weldments_gussets_applied_tri.gif weldments_gussets_applied_poly.gif
Triangular Profile Polygonal Profile

In addition to options to create gussets for structural members with planar faces, the Gusset PropertyManager includes geometric selection conditions for creating gussets.

You can create gussets between:

  • Disjointed planar surface bodies separated by a structural member, body radius, or gap
  • Rectangular/planar surface bodies and cylindrical/round surface bodies
  • Cylindrical to cylindrical (tube to tube) faces
Plate to rectangular tube Disjointed faces that intersect but do not touch
Rectangular tube to cylinder Cylinder to cylinder

To access these features, click Gusset (Weldments toolbar) or Insert > Weldments > Gusset.

For cylindrical to cylindrical gussets, in the Gusset PropertyManager, you can use planes, sketch lines, and linear edges to define a vector direction. You can also flip the vector direction to the opposite side of the cylinder.

If you provide valid inputs for the selected geometry, a preview of the gusset appears in the graphics area.

You can set the default color for Gusset features in Model Display Options.