Weldments - Trim and Extend

You can use segments and other solid bodies to trim segments so they butt up correctly in the weldment part.

With Trim/Extend, you can trim or extend:
  • Two segments at a corner where they meet.
  • One or more segments against another solid body.
  • Both ends of a segment at once.
You should trim all corners in a weldment model to assure that lengths of segments are calculated accurately.
Example of corner types:
weldment_cornertype_notrim.gif weldment_cornertype_endtrim.gif weldment_cornertype_endmiter.gif
Not trimmed. End Trim PM_weldments_corner_none.gif End Miter PM_weldments_corner_miter.gif
  weldment_cornertype_endbutt1.gif weldment_cornertype_endbutt2.gif
  End Butt1 PM_weldments_corner_butt_h.gif End Butt2 PM_weldments_corner_butt_v.gif