Display States in Parts

A part's display settings are stored in display states in the part.

Part display states control the appearance, display mode, hide/show, and transparency of bodies, features, faces, and parts as shown:

  Hide/Show Display Mode Appearance Transparency
Parts     X X
Bodies (solid and surface) X X X X
Features     X X
Features that you can hide such as sketches, reference geometry, curves, parting lines, and routing points X      
Faces     X X

To view display controls, click at the top of the FeatureManager design tree to expand the Display Pane.

Display Pane closed
Display Pane open

From the Display Pane, you can define different combinations of the settings and save them in display states.

Display State-1 Display State-2

You can use the Display Pane to:

  • Change display settings for a part's features and solid and surface bodies.
  • Change the appearance of the part.
  • Add display states to the part.
  • Rename display states.
  • Change the active display state.
  • Remove all or selected appearances from the part.

You can also control the display state mode by linking display states to configurations in the ConfigurationManager.