FeatureManager Design Tree Display Options

You can select display options for the FeatureManager design tree.

To access these options, right-click the part or assembly name in the FeatureManager design tree and click Tree Display.

Show Flat Tree View Parts only.

Displays curves, 2D sketches, and 3D sketches in the order of creation instead of hierarchically.

Show Feature Names Displays features by name.

You must enable Show Feature Descriptions before you can disable Show Feature Names.

Show Feature Descriptions Displays feature descriptions.

By default, feature descriptions do not show because the descriptions are the same as the feature names.

You must specify a different description in the features' properties for the description to appear in the FeatureManager design tree.

Component Name and Description Specify display options for the FeatureManager design tree.

When you specify options for component names in a drawing, the names in the PropertyManager and View Palette match those in the FeatureManager design tree.

Based on the selection under Primary display options:
  • The Model View and Standard 3 View PropertyManagers update the Open documents field.
  • The View Palette displays the part or assembly icon and the file name.
Show Comment Indicator Displays a comment indicator.
View Features Assemblies only.

Lists features for each component.

View Mates and Dependencies Assemblies only.

Lists dependent items instead of features under each component. Dependent items include mates and component patterns.

Group Component Instances Assemblies only.

Groups the same components with the same configuration into a folder-like structure.