FeatureManager Design Tree Favorites

You can add commonly used features, sketches, and reference geometry to the Favorites FM_favorites folder in the FeatureManager® design tree.

With the Favorites folder, you can easily access items in a part or assembly with a very long feature tree. You can also use the Favorites folder to highlight features for other team members to look at during collaboration.

To add an item to the Favorites folder, right-click the item and click Add to Favorites.
You can choose whether to hide or show the Favorites folder in Tools > Options > FeatureManager.

To remove a feature from the Favorites folder, right-click the feature and click Remove from Favorites.

If you right-click an item in the Favorites folder and click Delete, the item is permanently deleted from the part or assembly.

Any changes you make to an item in the Favorites folder are also made wherever the item appears in the tree. For example, if you rename an item in Favorites, all other instances of that item in the FeatureManager design tree appear with the new name.