Changing the Display Characteristics of Parts

You can use the Display Pane to change display characteristics of parts.

You can also change the material, and color appearance, or the transparency of selected features of the part.

Viewing Display Controls

To view display controls:

  1. Click at the top of the FeatureManager design tree to expand the Display Pane.
  2. Change display characteristics using these controls:
    • Hide/Show
    • Display Mode
    • Appearance
    • Transparency

Changing the Appearance or Transparency of Components

To change the appearance or transparency of components:

Right-click a component row of the Display Pane and select:
  • Appearance
  • Change Transparency

For solid and surface bodies and reference geometry, you can also change the Hide/Show status and Display Mode.

For Hide/Show:

  • Show
  • Hide

For Display Mode:

  • Wireframe
  • Hidden Lines Visible
  • Hidden Lines Removed
  • Shaded with Edges
  • Shaded
  • Default Display. A check mark in the corner of a display mode icon (for example, ) indicates that it is the default display mode. The display is initially set to this mode. Selecting a display mode in the Display Pane overrides this setting.
    You can change the default display mode by using the Display Style flyout on the Heads-up View toolbar.