Section View Offset Options

When you create a section view in a part or assembly, the view offset can be perpendicular to the reference plane or perpendicular to the currently selected plane.

In the Section View PropertyManager, under Section Options, you can switch the Offset Method between Reference Plane and Selected Plane.

All values you input for the offset distance are calculated based on your selection. The direction of the translation arrow in the graphics area is updated accordingly:

  • When you select Reference Plane, values are calculated normal to the currently-oriented section plane.
  • When you select Selected Plane, values are calculated normal to the plane you select in Section 1 in the PropertyManager.

By default, when you open the Section View PropertyManager, Reference Plane is selected. The view offset, as shown by the triad arrow, is perpendicular to the plane selected in Section 1; in this case, the front plane:

If you rotate the section plane and leave Reference Plane selected, the view offset remains perpendicular to the plane:

If you change the Offset Method to Selected Plane, the view offset is calculated perpendicular to the selected plane, in this case, the front pane: