Sweep Profiles

Depending on the sweep feature, you can choose one of following profiles:
  • A Sketch Profile creates a base, boss, cut, or surface sweep by moving a 2D profile along a 2D or 3D sketch path.
    If you are using a mid-path profile, you can create a bidirectional sweep.

    You can select faces, edges, and curves directly from models as sweep profiles. Enhanced selection is supported with Boss, Base, Cut, Surface, and Assembly cut sweep features.

    You can select:
    • Faces from model geometry.
    • A single edge or reference geometry curves that contain a smooth, closed loop.
    • A group of edges or curves selected as a loop using SelectionManager.
    Select face for Sketch Profile Select edges using the SelectionManager for Sketch Profile Sweep feature
  • A Circular Profile creates a solid rod or hollow tube along a sketch line, edge, or curve directly on a model, without having to sketch the profiles.
  • A Solid Profile creates a cut sweep using a tool body and path, for example to create a cut around a cylindrical body.