Variable Patterns

You can pattern features across planar and nonplanar surfaces and vary the dimensions and references for each pattern instance.

You can create variable patterns for these features:

  • Extrude/Cut Extrude
  • Revolve/Cut Revolve
  • Sweep/Cut Sweep
  • Loft/Cut Loft
  • Fillet
  • Chamfer
  • Dome
  • Draft

Varying Dimensions

When you create a variable pattern, you choose which dimensions to vary. You can choose an unlimited number of dimensions. A table stores the dimensions for each pattern instance. You can access the table from the Variable Pattern PropertyManager.

Pattern Features Across Nonplanar Surfaces

You can use variable patterns to pattern features across nonplanar surfaces while maintaining design intent. To do this, create the seed feature with at least one reference to the nonplanar surface.

For example, the light grey extrude feature below originates on the front plane and is offset from the surface of the cushion:

In the variable pattern, each pattern instance is offset from the surface, maintaining design intent.

Editing Pattern Instances

Each pattern instance appears in the FeatureManager design tree as a child of the VarPattern feature. You can right-click a pattern instance to suppress, unsuppress, delete, or add comments to it.

To see the dimensions for a pattern instance, with Instant3D enabled, click the instance in the FeatureManager design tree. Right-click a dimension in the graphics area to edit it.

All the changes made in the FeatureManager design tree and the graphics area also change in the pattern table.