Weldments - File Location for Custom Profiles

The default location for weldment profiles is install_dir\data\weldment profiles.

The subfolder structure within the weldment profiles folder determines the selections that appear in the Structural Member PropertyManager.

Selections from the PropertyManager and the corresponding File Explorer folder and file structure are set up as follows:
  • home folder. Contains one or more standard folders. In the example below, weldment profiles is the home folder, and contains nine standard folders, for example ansi, ansi inch, and iso. In the PropertyManager, the name of each standard folder appears as a selection in Standard.
  • standard folders. Contains one or more type of the configured library feature parts, for example angle iron, c channel, and pipe. In the PropertyManager, after you select Standard, the names of the library feature parts appear in Type.
  • type library feature parts. Contains one or more configurations of the library feature part. In the PropertyManager, after you select a Type, the configuration names of the library feature part appear in Size.
Structural Member PropertyManager and File Explorer: