Component Configuration

You can specify which configuration of a component is used in various configurations of an assembly.

The column header in a design table to control component configuration uses this syntax:


The column header is not case sensitive.

In the table body cells, enter the name of the desired configuration.

If you leave this table body cell blank, SOLIDWORKS uses the name of the configuration that is active when you create the cell. The software continues to associate that name with the cell, even if you subsequently activate another configuration of the component.

If the assembly configuration is derived, and the table body cell is left blank, the value of the component configuration used is linked to the assembly configuration's parent.

Below is an example of a design table that controls a component configuration. Because the table body cell of Derived_config is left blank, the component configuration used is linked to Parent_config, which is Default.

You can also right-click a component and select Configure component to configure the component configuration in the Modify Configurations dialog box.