Expand in BOM in Configurations

You can control how the assembly is listed in a BOM, when this configuration is used as a subassembly.

The column header in the design table uses this syntax:


This corresponds to the Don’t show child components in BOM when used as subassembly option in the Configuration Properties PropertyManager.
  • When turned off, the subassembly is expanded if you select either Parts only or Indented assemblies when you insert the BOM.
  • When turned on, the subassembly is never expanded, regardless of the option you select when you insert the BOM. The effect is the same as selecting Top level only.

The column header is not case sensitive.

In the table body cells, to turn on the option (never expand) type Yes (or Y). To turn off the option (allow to expand), type No (or N). If a cell is left blank, the default is No.

Example of a design table that controls how the assembly is listed in a BOM: