Lights Folder

The Lights folder on the DisplayManager lists information about the lights applied to the current model.

To display this folder:

On the DisplayManager click View Scene, Lights, and Cameras and expand the Lights folder.

Lighting Indicators


By default, point, spot, and directional lights are on in SOLIDWORKS.

Scene lighting is not possible in RealView, so you often need to illuminate models manually.

The icons for specific lights in this image from the Scene, Lights, and Cameras pane of the DisplayManager have the following meanings:

Lights Folder Context Menu

Right-click the Lights or SOLIDWORKS Lights folders in the DisplayManager to see the options described in this section.

Show Lights Toggles the display of lights in the graphics area.
  Edit All Lights Opens PropertyManagers for all lights that are defined for the current model. Click Back and Next to navigate between PropertyManagers.
  Add Directional Light

Add Point Light

Add Spot Light

Adds a directional, point, or spot light and opens the PropertyManager for that type.
  Collapse Item Collapses all subnodes under this item.
  Collapse All Collapses all nodes in the Scene, Lights, and Cameras pane.
  Expand All Expands all nodes in the Scene, Lights, and Cameras pane.

Point, Directional, or Spot Light Context Menu

When you right-click a point, directional, or spot light in the DisplayManager, additional options are as follows:



Toggles the light on or off in SOLIDWORKS.
  Edit Type Light Opens the PropertyManager for the light.
Delete Removes the light from the model.