Selection Filter

Selection Filters help select specific types of items in the graphics area or drawing sheet. For example, choose the filter for faces so only faces can be selected.

To toggle the display of the Selection Filter toolbar:

Click Toggle Selection Filter Toolbar (Standard toolbar), or press F5.

The following buttons on the Selection Filter toolbar allow you to specify the behavior of the Selection Filter:

Toggle Selection Filters Turns selected filters on or off. You can also press F6.
Clear All Filters Clears all selected filters.
Select All Filters Selects all filters.
Invert Selection All other items similar to the selected items (faces, edges, vertices, for example) are selected and the original selections are canceled.
The other buttons on the Selection Filter toolbar are filters. Select the filters to match the items you want to select in the graphics area.
Filter Vertices Filter Geometric Tolerances
Filter Edges Filter Notes/Balloons
Filter Faces Filter Datum Features
Filter Surface Bodies Filter Weld Symbols
Filter Solid Bodies Filter Weld Beads
Filter Axes Filter Datum Targets
Filter Planes Filter Cosmetic Threads
Filter Sketch Points Filter Blocks
Filter Sketches Filter Dowel Pin Symbols
Filter Sketch Segments Filter Connection Points
Filter Midpoints Filter Routing Points
Filter Center Marks Filter Mesh Facets
Filter Centerlines Filter Mesh Facet Edges
Filter Dimensions/Hole Callouts Filter Mesh Facet Vertices
Filter Surface Finish Symbols    
Keyboard shortcuts are available for some filters:
Edges E
Faces X
Vertices V
When a Selection Filter is active, the pointer changes to . When the pointer is near a filtered item, the pointer includes the icon for that item; for example, a face .