Annotations Options Overview

You can set options for annotations in various places.

Detailing Applies options to all annotations in the current document.
Annotation Properties Contains the same criteria as Annotations Options.
Annotations Font Options Sets separate fonts for various types of annotations.
Annotation Colors Specifies colors for imported and non-imported annotations.
The following annotations have their own options:
Area Hatch/Fill Sets the pattern, scale, and angle for area hatches or fills.
DimXpert Sets options for chamfers, slots, and fillets for use with the DimXpert tool.
Dimensions Sets the arrows, text alignment, and so on for dimensions.
Notes Sets the alignment, leaders, borders, and so on for notes.
Balloons Sets the balloon style, size, text category, and leaders, and auto balloon layout.
Location Label Sets the frame style, label style, and text of location labels.
Arrows Sets the size and style of arrows.
Virtual Sharps Specifies the display of virtual sharps.
Tables Specifies the properties of general, hole, revision, and bill of materials tables.
View Labels Sets the text and display of drawing view labels.
Sheet Metal Sets options for flat pattern colors and bend notes.

Some annotations also have PropertyManagers or Properties dialog boxes for applying changes to individual annotations or a group of annotations.

To access a PropertyManager:

Select the annotation.

To access a Properties dialog box:

Right-click the annotation (or hold down Ctrl while selecting a group of annotations, then right-click one annotation) and select Properties.