Contextual Selection Overview

Contextual Selection allows for groups of related entities to be selected together. Different types of group selection are available depending on what type of entity is selected and what entities are adjacent to it.

There are three types of contextual selection: Select Loop, Select Chain, and Select Tangency. Each type is available or not available depending on the context of the entity that is selected and each type will select a group of entities in different ways.

To select a group of entities using contextual selection, right click on a sketch segment, edge, or face to view the contextual selection options available for that entity.

Select Loop

Selects edges adjacent to the selected edge in a closed loop that forms the border of a face.

This type of selection is not available for faces or sketch segments.

Select Tangency

Selects curved faces or edges tangent to the selected edge or face. Selection propagation stops when it encounters a face or edge that is not tangent to the existing group.

This type of selection is not available for sketch segments.

Select Chain

Selects sketch segments adjacent to the selected segment in order to form a closed sketch entity.

This type of selection is not available for edges or faces.