Decimate Mesh Body PropertyManager

To open this PropertyManager:

In a graphics mesh body, click Insert > Mesh > Decimate Mesh .

Dynamic Help Displays tooltips for each property.
Selections Lists the graphics mesh body in the graphics area, or facet groups selected by using the Paint Select Facets tool and the Tangent Select Facets tool.
Preserve Mesh Boundaries Preserves the outer boundary of a selected group of facets or of an open mesh surface.
Facet Reduction
  • Reduces the number of facets by a specified percentage.

    For example, if you enter 20 for percentage, the tool reduces the total facet count by 20%.

  • Reduces the number of facets to a specified whole number.
    When you enter a percentage value, the tool automatically calculates the number of facets that the graphics mesh body is reduced to in Reduced Facet Count .
  • Specifies the maximum deviation tolerance between the original and resulting mesh. Increasing this value allows for more notable decimation.
Calculate Displays a preview of the decimated body based on the facet reduction values. A progress dialog reports decimation status while the process runs.
Reset Removes the preview and restores the graphics mesh body to its previous state.