PropertyManager Overview

The PropertyManager is a means to specify properties and other options for many SOLIDWORKS commands.

The PropertyManager appears on the PropertyManager tab in the panel to the left of the graphics area. It opens when you select entities or commands defined in the PropertyManager. You can choose whether it opens in other cases in Tools > Options > System Options > General .

Titlebar The feature icon and feature name (Boss_Extrude1, for example) (read-only)
OK Accept the selections, execute the command, and close the PropertyManager.
Cancel Ignore any selections and close the PropertyManager.
Detailed Preview Display a preview of the feature.
Help Open the corresponding help topic.
Keep Visible Pin the PropertyManager open.
PropertyManagers with wizards
Back Return to the previous step.
Next Proceed to the next step.
Undo Undo the previous execution.

A box directing you to the next step, often listing various ways to implement the next step.

Group Boxes Collection of related options, lists, and selection boxes, with a group title (Direction 1, for example), which can be expanded or collapsed .
Selection Boxes Accept selections in the graphics area or in the FeatureManager design tree. When active, the boxes are pink. When you select an item in the selection box, it is highlighted in the graphics area. To delete selections from a box, right-click and choose Delete (for one item) or Clear Selections (for all items).

As you make selections, the box expands. Drag the handle or the bottom edge of the box to lengthen or shorten it. To return the box to its full size, right-click and click Autosize or double-click the handle or the bottom edge of the box.

When you add selections using a PropertyManager that provides two lists, you can resize a box without losing focus on the active box. For example, if you add selections to one box and it is growing large, you can shrink an inactive box to provide more room and still continue to add selections to the first box without having to refocus on it.

Keyboard Input in PropertyManagers

To navigate in PropertyManagers, you can:
  • Access every control in a PropertyManager by pressing Tab to move from control to control.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to expand and collapse group boxes, turn check boxes on and off, and select options.

    For example, you can use the spacebar to clear or select check boxes and invoke commands.

    You can use arrow keys to move between sets of options and choose an option.

Flyout FeatureManager Design Tree

Click in the PropertyManager title bar to display the flyout FeatureManager design tree in the graphics area.

Vertical and Horizontal Control

When you create new documents, the PropertyManager opens at the optimum width. You can drag the divider that separates the PropertyManager from the graphics area back and forth to resize its width. It snaps into position at the optimum width for displaying the PropertyManager.

A split bar lets you split the left panel to display any combination of PropertyManager, FeatureManager design tree, configuration view, and third-party tabs. When the pointer changes to , drag the horizontal split bar down. To return to a single panel, double-click the split bar or drag it up to the top of the panel.

Floating and Docking the PropertyManager

To float the PropertyManager, drag its title bar from the docked position. Once it is floating, you can drag the PropertyManager anywhere on or outside the SOLIDWORKS window.

To dock a floating PropertyManager window:

While dragging the PropertyManager on the SOLIDWORKS window, move the pointer over a docking icon:
Dock upper left as a tab
Dock upper left in the graphics area
Dock lower left
Dock lower right
Double-click the title bar in the floating PropertyManager window to revert to the last docking position.