Publish to 3DCloudByMe PropertyManager

You can use this PropertyManager to upload SOLIDWORKS models to 3DCloudByMe.

To open this PropertyManager:

  1. Click Tools > Add-ins and select 3DCloudByMe Plug-in.
  2. Open a part or assembly with some bodies and click Tools > Publish to 3DCloudByMe.

Log in to 3DCloudByMe

Option Description
List Select one of the following to upload the model to:
  • ByMe
  • ByMe-Enterprise
Login Validates the user.
Reference# Enter the product reference.
Do not include a space or a special character in product reference. Recommendation: Use alphanumeric characters.
Brand List displays brands associated with your login. Select a brand to upload the model.
Publish Uploads the model.

Model successfully published message appears.

See Model in 3DCloudByme Displays 3DCloudByme Log in page.

When you log in to 3DCloudByme, you can see the model listed in Products tab.

Depending on the complexity of the model, it may take some time to upload on 3DCloudByme.

Click the model name to see the uploaded model in the product representation tab.

For details, see HomeByMe for Kitchen Retailers and HomeByMe for Home Retailers.