Relations/Snaps Options

Sketch Options

Enable snapping Sets all Sketch Snaps listed under Sketch Snaps.
With Enable snapping selected, all items under Sketch Snaps are selected by default except Grid.
Snap to model geometry Allows sketch entities to snap to model geometry such as edges.
Automatic relations Creates geometric relations as you add sketch elements.
Go To Document Grid Settings Sets options for the grid display and snap functionality.
Reset Restores factory defaults for all system options or only for options on this page.

Sketch Snaps

Clear or select all the types of Sketch Snaps.
Snap angle Lines snap in degree increments to the value you set.

When no other lines exist, the snap angle is based on the X-Y axes of the sketch origin.

If you sketch from the end of an existing line, the snap angle is based on the existing line.

Setting Sketch Snaps

To set Sketch Snaps:

  1. Click Options or click Tools > Options.
  2. Select Relations/Snaps.
  3. Select or clear Enable snapping to affect all Sketch Snaps.
  4. Under Sketch Snaps, select or clear the appropriate Sketch Snap.
Using Quick Snaps from the menu, the shortcut menu, or the pull down toolbar, you can override any Sketch Snap that is cleared under Options > System Options > Sketch > Snaps/Relations.

Make Dimension Driven? Dialog Box

If you have set the Over defining dimensions Sketch option to Prompt to set driven state, this dialog box appears when you add an over defining dimension to a sketch.

Click Cancel to cancel the operation (the dimension is not placed), or select one of the following options, then click OK:

Make This Dimension Driven The over defined or unsolvable state is repaired.
Leave This Dimension Driving The sketch remains over defined or unsolvable. Look for other dimensions or relations that you can delete or change.
Select Don't ask again to suppress this dialog box. The option you last used will apply by default.
Use the right-click menu Driven option to toggle between dimension driven and dimension driving.