Synchronize Settings

You can specify options to synchronize settings across multiple machines if you use the SOLIDWORKS software 2018 and later.

Settings synchronization is an online service and may be blocked by some network configurations. To access the cloud storage service, ensure that firewall or proxy servers allow communications to *

Synchronization settings can vary on different machines. For example, you can specify one machine to automatically synchronize system options and file locations, but not customizations. You can specify another machine for manual downloads and uploads of all types of option settings.

Administrator settings that are applied or locked cannot be overwritten by the synchronization process.

To specify options for synchronize settings:

Click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools > Options, select Synchronize Settings, and select from the options described below.

Automatic Synchronization

Select this option to automatically synchronize the current machine with the cloud storage service. Your selected settings and customizations automatically upload to the cloud storage services as they are updated, and download and apply on startup or login.

Synchronize Now

Upload Settings to send your settings from the current machine to the cloud storage service. Update your settings in the cloud by uploading them.

Download Settings to download and apply your settings from the cloud storage service to the current machine.