External Sketch Relations in Configurations

You can set different external sketch relations in specified configurations.

  1. Right-click a sketch in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Edit Sketch.
  2. Click Display/Delete Relations on the Dimensions/Relations toolbar, or click Tools > Relations > Display/Delete.
  3. In the PropertyManager:
    1. Under Relations, select a relation from the list.
    2. Under Entities, select a sketch entity from the Entity column.
  4. In the graphics area, select a sketch entity to replace.
    The sketch entity appears in the Replace box as a replacement for the entity you selected in step 3.
  5. If necessary, select Replace in all relations to replace the sketch entity in all relations.
  6. Under Configurations, select the configurations to which you want the external sketch relation to apply: This configuration, All configurations, or Specify configurations.
    The Configuration section appears only if you have more than one configuration in the part or assembly.
  7. Under Entities, click Replace.
  8. Click and exit the sketch.
    The relation is applied to the selected configurations.