Modifying Features in Instant3D

To modify features:

Do one of the following:
Action Example
Use the drag handle to modify faces and edges.
If an entity is not draggable, either the handle turns black or this icon appears when you try to drag it. The feature is either unsupported or constrained.
Drag the dimension or arrow to offset and translate faces.
Drag the angle dimension to rotate faces.
Use the triad's center to drag or copy entire features onto other faces. Press and hold the Ctrl key while dragging to copy the feature.

Video: Dragging a Feature onto Another Face

Video: Copying a Feature

Ctrl+drag a fillet to copy it to another edge. Video: Copying a Fillet
Single-click a dimension to enter Quick Edit mode where you can type in a value. Double-click to use the standard dialogs and PropertyManagers. Video: Using QuickEdit
For assemblies, you can edit components within the assembly, or edit assembly-level sketches, assembly features, and mate dimensions. Video: Instant3D for Assemblies
You can drag an extruded boss in one direction to increase the boss, or in the opposite direction to create a cut extrude. Video: Modifying an Extruded Boss
Revolve. You can drag to modify the length of defining sketch lines. You can also drag to modify the angle. Video: Modifying a Revolve Feature

Video: Modifying the Angle of a Revolve Feature