Invert Selection

When you select items (usually a small number) and invert the selection, all other similar items in the document are selected and the original selections are canceled.

To invert selection:

  1. Select items to be excluded.
  2. Click Invert Selection Tool_Filter_Invert_Selection_Filter.gif (Selection filter toolbar) or Tools > Invert Selection.

Invert Selection and Selection Filters

You must use selection filters when selecting certain types of entities for inversion.

You can select the following entities for inversion without using selection filters:
  • Sketch entities in sketches
  • Faces and planes in part documents
  • Components in assembly documents (when you select a face in an assembly, it is interpreted as the component being selected)
  • Annotations in drawing documents
Use Selection Filters for the following types of entities:
  • Vertices
  • Edges
  • Faces (in assembly documents)
  • Bodies
  • Dimensions and other annotations
  • Sketch points
  • Sketch entities (other than points)
fund_invert_vertices_1.gif fund_invert_vertices_2.gif

You can select entities in the FeatureManager design tree as well as in the graphics area. When you invert selection in the FeatureManager design tree in assemblies, hidden components are included in the inverted selection.