Example of Comparing Bodies

In this example, you compare two solids bodies in a part.

  1. Open a part with more than one body.
    In this example, the gear contains two solid bodies. For one body, the edges of the gear teeth are filleted. For the other body, the edges are not filleted.
    Gear1: Filleted Edges Gear2: Nonfilleted Edges
  2. Click View > Display > Body Compare .
  3. In the PropertyManager, set the following options:
    1. For Source Bodies, select Gear1
    2. For Compare Bodies, select Gear2
    3. Move the Legend Threshold slider to specify the absolute value of deviation allowed by the scale.
      In this example, you move the slider so the top and bottom numbers in the legend are approximately 1.00mm.
  4. Click .
    In the graphics area, the red and yellow colors indicate where Gear1 and Gear2 do not match.
  5. To clear the Compare Body Legend, in the graphics area, right-click the legend and click Body Compare .
    To open the Body Compare PropertyManager, right-click the legend and click Body Compare Properties.