Creating Features in Instant3D

Instant3D lets you drag geometry and dimension manipulators to create and modify features. To create features, you must exit Edit Sketch mode.

Instant3D is enabled by default. To toggle Instant3D mode, click Instant3D (Features toolbar).

To create features using Instant3D:

  1. Create a sketch from which to create a boss cut or boss extrude, then exit sketch mode.
  2. Select a sketch contour in the graphics area.
    A drag handle appears.
  3. Move the pointer to drag the sketch contour.
    A ruler appears and the sketch extrudes.
    You can drag the pointer either way from the starting sketch plane. If you create a sketch on an existing feature's face, you create a boss or cut extrude depending on where you select the sketch contour. Video: Creating a Boss or Cut From a Sketch Using Instant3D
  4. Click to create the feature.
    An optional context toolbar allows you to add a draft or choose a cut extrude instead of a boss extrude and vice versa, if necessary. Video: Using the Instant3D Context Toolbar