Displaying the Design Binder

The Design Binder folder in the FeatureManager design tree contains:

Design Journal Keep notes and insert images in an embedded Word document.
  Attachments Embed or link PDF, Word, Excel, or other types of documents containing proposals, quotes, calculations, catalogs of purchased parts, design failure analyses, problem logs, reports, etc.
  Reports from SOLIDWORKS Utilities Reports added automatically by SOLIDWORKS Utilities.

By default, the Design Binder folder is hidden if the Design Journal is empty or there are no attachments.

To display the Design Binder:

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the document name, and select Hide/Show Tree items.
  2. In the System Options - FeatureManager dialog box, under Hide/Show Tree Items, for Design Binder, select Show.
  3. Click OK.