Using Interference Detection for Multibody Parts

You can use interference detection between bodies in multibody parts. This evaluation is helpful when checking that weldments are trimmed properly and before using Simulation tools. The steps are similar when you detect interferences between assembly components.

To use interference detection for multibody parts:

  1. Open a part with multiple bodies and from the Evaluate tab on the CommandManager, click Interference Detection .
    The Interference Detection PropertyManager lists the part under Selected Bodies.
  2. In the PropertyManager, click in Excluded Bodies and from the graphics area, select bodies to exclude from the evaluation.

    Optionally, you can specify to exclude bodies from the current view and remember to exclude these bodies from session to session.

  3. Under Options, select one or more of the following:
    Treat coincidence as interference Reports coincident entities as interferences.
    Show ignored interferences Displays ignored interferences in the Results list with a gray icon.
    Skip interferences inside inserted parts Skips interferences between bodies within inserted parts.
    Make interfering bodies transparent Displays the bodies of the selected interference in transparent mode.
    Ignore hidden bodies/inserted parts Excludes interferences involving multibody parts that are hidden or are inserted parts.
  4. Select the display style under Non-interfering Bodies. Choices include:
    Use current Uses the current display settings of the model.
  5. Under Selected Bodies, click Calculate to detect interferences.
    The Results list populates with interference values for each instance.
  6. In the PropertyManager, click each instance in Results to highlight the interfering bodies, in red, in the graphics area.
  7. To remove an interference from Results, select an instance and click Ignore.
  8. Click .