3D Drawing View Mode

3D drawing view mode lets you rotate a drawing view out of its plane so you can see components or edges obscured by other entities. The 3D drawing view causes temporary changes to a drawing view. It is used to make geometry selection in a drawing view easier.

When you rotate a drawing view in 3D drawing view mode, you can save the orientation for another model view to use in a drawing. 3D drawing view mode is particularly helpful when you want to select an obscured edge for the depth of a broken-out section view.

3D drawing view mode is not available for detail, broken, crop, empty, or detached views.

To manipulate a drawing view in 3D drawing view mode:

  1. With a drawing view selected, click 3D Drawing View Tool_3D_Drawing_View.gif (View toolbar) or View > Modify > 3D Drawing View.
    A pop-up toolbar appears with Rotate selected. If the drawing view contains annotations, the annotations are hidden when you rotate the view. You cannot insert annotations while in 3D drawing view mode.
  2. Use the tools on the pop-up toolbar to manipulate the drawing view as necessary.
  3. To create a new view orientation, click Save the view or press the spacebar, then add a named view in the Orientation dialog box. This view orientation will be available under More views in the Model View PropertyManager the next time you insert a model view.
  4. Click Exit 3d_drawing_view_exit.png in the pop-up toolbar.
    The drawing view returns to its original orientation.
    Click in the pop-up toolbar to keep the modified orientation.
    3D_drawing_view1.gif 3D_drawing_view2.gif
    Original drawing view Drawing view that has been rotated and zoomed in 3D drawing view mode. You can select components or edges that were hidden in the original drawing view.