Modifying End Cap Positions Using Reference Dimensions

When you create weldment end caps, the software adds reference dimensions to mark the inset distance in linear and curved structural members. You can modify these dimensions for parts, assemblies, and drawings without opening the end cap feature.

The inset dimensions are added automatically for the first end cap of the end cap feature. If you place the end cap on a straight member, the software assigns a linear dimension. If you place it on a curved member, the dimension assigned is an arc length.

To modify end cap positions using reference dimensions:

  1. In a weldment part with end caps, click Instant3D (Features toolbar).
  2. Select the end cap feature.
    Reference dimensions appear on the first end cap in the feature.

  3. Click the dimension and type a new dimension.
    The end cap moves to the new location.

    If you did not turn on Instant3D, click Rebuild (Standard toolbar) to complete the move.